Network Name: Jonathan Smith.

ASN: 200731

IPv4: No

IPv6: Yes

Transit Available: No

Peering Available: Yes, Peering over IX.

Tunnels: No


- Hurricane Electric

- Cloudie

- Hyehost

- xTom

- AlphaLayer

- iFog

We’re currently connected to the following IXPs:

- ONIX (100M) [Toronto]

- F4IX (1G) [Kansas City]

- FogIXP (1G) [Kansas City]

- LOCIX Dusseldorf (1G) [Dusseldorf]


- We provide peering over mutual exchanges (listed above)

- Must have a valid PeeringDB profile. (With REAL Limits)

- No abuse, fair use bandwidth.

Peering Requests can be sent via email to